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Love the game its amazing thank u 馃憤

Awesome story line so creepy multiple endings I really enjoyed this fantastic game thank u so much 馃憤

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I really enjoyed this amazing game the story line is phenomenal so well done thank u love the sound effects so dope 馃憤I wish there is an English version for this game but oh well I tried it anyways love it thanks again馃憤

Love this game so nerve wracking thank u馃憤

Crazy potato guy got me at the end love the game its so cool thank u 馃憤

Amazing game love it 馃憤

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Fun game love it 馃憤

Beautiful game I really enjoyed playing it thank u 馃憤 

This game is so intense so nerve wracking loved it the controls everything about it is so well done thank u so much for this awesome game loved it 馃憤

The story line is phenomenal love it thank u 馃憤 

Awesome game so well done 馃憦 love playing it over and over so much fun thank u so much u guys rock 馃憤

Amazing beautiful game love the story line so well done thank u 馃憤

Love this awesome game so scary thank u so much馃憤馃憤馃憤


Love it so scary love the jump scares so cool thank u awesome game 馃憤馃憤馃憤

Love this game so scary thank u馃憤