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By far one of the strangest games I’ve ever played lol great job though I really really enjoyed my time playing it

really great game!

had a lot of fun with this, those dark sewers freak me out lol

i feel like a missed a lot of stuff because I saw some other people got longer videos out of this game, so I apologize if mines a bit bland but I was kind of short for time with this lol really enjoyed what I played though!

really loved this! I didn't really understand the ending until after I finished recording though lol loved it a lot though

loved every minute of this!

loved it!

freaked me out lol

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nah it's fine lol i use "Bandicam", the full version. I'm not a fan of OBS really so paying for this instead was worth it for me.

loved it a lot, took a bit to figure it out but I finished it lol 

very short, but fun

loved this lol 

(2nd game in video) loved it lol had fun 

I really liked this! Lots of fun, honestly I could play this for hours.

damn haven't had a game like this scare me in a long time lol its just that kinda design for the monster, all tall and somewhat stringy.. freaks me out, loved the game!

good game B)

that ending hit hard.. loved the game though! I was really nervous about what was coming next the whole time lol 

good game ;)

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the game starts at 3:23 because I did another before it. Great game! Enjoyed it! 


absolutely loved this! i watched some videos after of the original and this version is so much better! I had a lot of fun with it!  (sorry if the video was linked twice, the comment system has been messing with me lol)

I appreciate the kind words! Loved the game!

fun game, i enjoyed it lol

This was a lot cooler then I expected it to be! Quite well done!

Had fun with this! It would be really cool to see something bigger come out of this, but yeah it was quite nice!

This honestly made me feel like I was 7 years old again because this was my exact fear lol

odd but not bad lol

i enjoyed myself with this