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We are very happy that you liked our demo and the universe we are building. We are promising you that we won't dissapoint you in the final game!

This is a procedural masterpiece :)

Thank you @Redwarrior366 for your good words. As for the matter with the pipe, we will take this into consideration and minimize these type of puzzles in the final version. Thank you for playing ;-D

Thank you so much for your positive feedback @RockyBoulder. Where do the children come from? Why there are no adults? These two are very good questions indeed ;-)

Thank you for playing our demo and also for your suggestions to improve it.

Thank your for playing our demo and for your kind words!

Wow, what we can say now about your comment. We can surely say that you have completely understood what we had in our minds, before designing this game. We are so happy that you got this and that you liked the demo so much. We promise you that the full episode I will be 10 times better. Thank you again for playing our demo.

We are very happy that you liked our game. Thank you so much for your kind words.

Thank you for your time playing our game and also for the great walkthrough. We expect to release the full episode I arround this summer!