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This game is so cute! I picked  Clem and he's awesome. Loved the game!

The soldier ;)

The game was actually pretty short. Funny thing is that I actually finished the game when I reloaded. I just didn't know because I didn't get to the grave part yet :). 

Yeah, that's true. I didn't manually save. It's a new day now and the thought of starting over isn't too bad. And, as you said, I'll get there pretty fast.

Okay, so I think I just made a big mistake. I accidentally reloaded and now all of what I had already did is gone. When I pressed continue, it went straight back to the beginning. Is there a way for me to get back what I've already done? What about "loading game?" Is there such thing on this? I'm not really up to starting all over, so I hope that there is a way for me to continue.

Yeah, same. That's what happened to me too.