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Hi! I'm Esteban, a student of a master degree in Mathematics in Chile, and I'd love to help with the current spanish translation of the game for free. My motivation came from the next short story:

I played this game for the first time last year and since then I've replayed it so many times that at this point it would be silly to not to admit that this is my favourite game of all time. Today my brother came home and I have not seen him in a really long time. I've talked him about the game but since it was in english I knew he was not going to be really into it (since he does not speak in english and the dialogues are a really important part of this game). Since there is a spanish translation now I decided this was the perfect time to play a little with him, however the many misspelled words, robotic sentences and lack of accent marks were a little annoying and ruined a little the experience.

I do not know if Adam is ever going to read this, so if anyone knows a better way to contact him to offer help it would be great! 


Hi! I'm a math teacher in a Chilean university and loved your game so much that when my students asked about me on the last class of the past semester, I told them that current thing that I liked the most was A Short Hike and I encouraged them to play it. I'm really looking forward to play whatever you do from now. Cheers!