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I certainly respect your reply and i would love you to succeed in making me a Breakout game. That would solve the problem. I am 60 and i remember when it was all matrix block. I want to see a futuristic 2021 Breakout. Tilt the screen.  Make it a big Breakout game with great multi colour multi breakouts. 360 planetary scene. I look forward to see where you with this. I cannot get to grips with the game as it may be me. Please keep me informed of any changes. I will follow your game and leave in my game fee as i know you guys need fundining. 

Respect. Noddy60

This game is absolutely fantastic. Love it. Anymore levels coming. I for one would buy it. How do we find any more info please.


Can`t believe i paid for this game. I found it very hard to control and nowhere near the hype thats written in the description. Bet you don`t offer a refund like oculus as 15 minutes playing this seen it deleted from my library. Would help a lot if you saw a bit more of whats happening because by the time you look up to the little matrix above then try to figure out where you are on the game it all gets confusing. I for one would not recommend this but would like it to be improved. I really wanted a good breakout game.