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After 3 days I finished your game, I am still astonished that you released it for free but am very glad you did or I would have missed out on it.

I have always been drawn to fairy tales and fables and have played MANY games based on them, when I first heard of this game while you were still working on it I said to myself "This is bound to be one of my most favorite games." I still can't get over how much fun I had and it is definitely in my top 3 VNs (No joke, you are up there with Amnesia:Memories).

Waltz's route is my absolute favorite and is closely followed by Karma's and then Rumpel's. I'll be honest, I hated Karma and Delora at first but grew to like them and I felt at one point Delora became a second mother to my character (Which really had me crying at some key points)

I also have to say that I am VERY glad that thought was put into the routes to actually make the outcomes and story arcs different, I have played too many games where there are barely any differences in whose route you chose and it becomes a cookie cutter type game where the same thing happens over and over.

I can't believe I didn't even mention the graphics or music yet, so amazing! Not many free games put so much effort into making a product so beautiful, THANK YOU!

That's ok, thank you for fixing it! ^_^

Either I'm really confused or am getting some kind of error while trying to use the save and load features. Q.Save and Q.Load work perfectly fine but when I try to use regular save and load a screen full of game code comes up instead. Other than that I'm quite enjoying myself and have finished Anton's route which was really good.