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This is great. Love the unexpected ending.

Super cute. Wish there were just one or two more levels! Well done!

Rest assured, it's still great! I hadn't realized how old it was until after finishing.

I'm only halfway through, but I felt obligated to let you know that the comedic moments in this game have me snickering uncontrollably.

HAHAHA. This is so cute.

hella rad!!! love the fast respawn.

SO CUTE. If my keyboard didn't have a few wonky keys I would totally have replayed this several times. Bookmarked for when I invest in a better keyboard :)

So cute! The writing was fantastic!

AHH this is the cutest game. I would die for little marketplace vendors or a plaza fountain. Lovely work; keep it up! <3 Game is in my steam wishlist!

Cute little game. I liked hovering over the flowers and hearing the twinkly noises. lol

Cute game! I finished it and enjoyed it the entire time. :) Really impressive backgrounds. I was really bad at blocking until I figured out the rhythm of it lol. Well done.

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Has a lot of potential! Unfortunately I didn't realize the restart option restarted the whole game and not the level I was on, so I gave up on completing it.

I think the skills need to be a bit better explained and the enemy attacks a bit more obvious as I lost several times not due to strategic fails but because I didn't understand why certain skills failed to work.

Edit: I see this was for a game jam, which is SUPER impressive considering the short amount of time it took. Great stuff.

Oh god, when on the first night the music got all discordant and two robbers showed up in a row, I thought the game was going to take a very dark turn.

Instead I just got very good at making iced lattes.

All hail long stik.

Woah, this was surprisingly fun. :D I didn't really get it my first time around, but by the third round I was really into it, haha.

So cute! Great little game.

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The concept of this game is super neat, and the characters are all very lovable. It's also more challenging than I thought it'd be! I'm going to have to replay this a few more times to get better at it for the other endings, but it breaks my heart to stray from Elias.

Super cute game. Short but sweet and characters were really endearing. I love Mord.

Beautiful art, music, and story. Cannot emphasize enough how gorgeous it is. Though it seems to be geared more towards children, I still found myself in tears at the end. Great work.