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Ethereal airport

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Thank you~! Hehe, theres a reason theres infinite lives

Thank you for the detailed review, I appreciate it!! Did you use config to put the screen into 1280 x 960? that makes it a little bigger.  The engine is called danmakufu, which is an engine specifically for shoot em ups. 

Sorry about the boss, I gave it a lot of health since I wanted people to be able to hear the nice song I commissioned lol. Maybe I shall update it so that its more clear the boss is being hurt. 

Thank you very much!! 


This game is so much fun!

Dont be hard on yourself, I think this game is designed quite well for what it is!

Took a lil learning to know the mechanic, but when I figured it out I loved it!

Turn based shmup isnt somethin ive seen before. Neat!

Oh I adore the little characters very much. 

I love leetle ghost so much 

Really neat and engaging mechanic! 

Thank you for the nice comment! Im really glad you liked it. Sorry about the loud volume heheh

Thank you! That means a whole lot to me, sorry you encountered the bug... When I made this game I was still figuring out music. Right now Im focusing on a new shmup Im making (see my twitter EtherealAirport for more) but one day I may go back and give this one the update is needs

This game is awesome. Can I kiss the fridge 

Thank you very much! I updated it just now so the extra stage theme should play normally