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You come across an ATM that gives you the exact amount of money you need to survive for the day, how you spend it is your choice. Today you are given $10 million.

Honestly, it was rather difficult for me to think of a good was to put it in game. So I turned to something I have been doing for a while - make it into a corgi game. I thought that instead of a person dealing with money, I change it to corgi trying to collect back all the meat that were stolen from the neon-punk corgi.

I wish I spent more time in making more particle systems and effects for the tiles. I had the most trouble in making the visual style look good on the game. It took me around 5 different versions of the visual style to the final version. Which is why I was a little behind on creating animations and play around with sfx. I least enjoyed redrawing all animations for after every major or minor visual style change. At one point I gave up on redrawing until I was satisfied with the visual style. 

Run. Corgi. Run


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Sound Toy Game

 Ver. 2

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Shotput Throw

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Nobo - HW5

Flour Sack Animation

Nobo B - HW4

Nobo B - HW3

Nobo - Ball Test

*not working as I wanted it to be

Nobo B - HW2

Nobo B - HW1


  1. Speck of dusting forming from nothing
  2. Dust forming intro sharp jaw
  3. Jaw open
  4. Jaw widens
  5. Keeps on widening and gets bigger
  6. Much bigger jaw
  7. - 9. The Jaw slams shut, dissolving to nothing

Panel Transitions

  • 1-9 moment to moment