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That would be awesome. It took me a while to realize you could shape shift so I would make that mechanic more clear. maybe add more challenging puzzles like when you're moving pillars 

cute little game

this is so boring

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feels like i should be getting payed to do  this

I agree. This game honestly sucks

"There is always only one copy in each card on the board." - I don't understand what this means. someone help?

My bad. I got it. lol

177.2 dmg/s   

personal best


I always come back to play this game. Very excited for the sequel!

This level requires getting two of the barrels out of the water

What a great game!!!

what happened to the double strike attack?

I'm stuck after kicking the ball down the hole. plz help

I just saw that you also made The Master of Puzzles game! I love that game!

For those who like this game, Shogun Showdown is a lot better

Very addicting game! This score took forever so I'm gonna gloat like the other cool cats here. 

how do you play endless mode?

I cant figure out the lasers D:

nevermind lol i got it

I cant figure out how to get a ticket to the festival and im giving up





I loved this game! After over ten tries I beat it with 91K!!! I wish i had gotten a screenshot of the score. I was hoping it would say it on the winning screen. 

that's what i thought but i just finished it with 91k/75k

I Finally did it! A very fun game! 

REally fun! wish it was longer

Great game. reminds me of Cataractae