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It was both worth the wait and delay to Bryan's route. The character interactions are so on point, interesting and fun. I can honestly say that I can't wait to see more of this game, it's so well done.

I loved October 3rd so much! This is too wholesome (minus the realization that Ben and Russel had in regards to Katie). It's hard not to spoil what happened, man I want to see how things will work out between Ben and Russel from here, this was so good

Good to know. Thank you.

Update to 1.140 Major Issue

On Harold's route (day 7) when the MC and Richard take a shower after finishing the patio for Maria, the game keeps crashing, showing me a gray screen with files and folders. 

What can cause such a mess. I even tried starting a new game and it still crashes. What can be done about this?

The game goes from this:

To this:

Thanks a lot for the tip, it worked! 

I know that the route guides are patreon exclusive, but Dwayne has only 3 days of content and I have no idea how to get on his route. Like, I don't wanna know how to get the endings, I just want to know how to get on his route since he, unlike the others has an unclear path.

Is it possible for me (not a patreon supporter) to know how to get on his route? 

For sure, I really want to see how Ben and Russel will interact with each other in that delicate context.

I love how this game moves along.

The routes pacing truly feel like they capture the husbando you're dating [Bryan's f'ing (I mean literally f'ing each other, like sex) and hand around relationship with Ben; the exciting, yet tense (when I say tense, I mean: it is clear that Nate is hesitant about sex and hardly accepts it, showing us he's still haunted by some sort of shame relating to his sexuality) and balanced romantic relationship between Ben & Nate; and Carlos' internalized homophobia causing his relationship with Ben to be in the "I have a problem, I am regular high schooler with a normal life, but I have a crush on a deep and brooding guy who I am not sure if he likes me back" phase]. And I love the idea of Ben and Russel having to either put any concerns or suspicions aside for Zack's sake, or to confront them in a healthy way. It could also show how Ben is trying to prove to Russel that he hasn't took a side in his false accusation and that he still cares about him and wants to listen to his side of the story.

This is so nice, and I am truly curious what route will be worked upon once the shared event is over? I hope is Carlos, he's my favourite.  

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Wonderful! I have full faith they will look great! Keep up the amazing work!

EDIT: Will you add SFW CGs? I mean beyond the planned group photo CG at the start of the game? I think it would be a nice addition to the routes if it is possible for them to have both SFW and NSFW CGs.

"Do not ask us for a toggle to switch in the original game’s sprites, Cgs, or music. This will never happen. End of discussion."

So this means for the NSFW CG's you will use the original ones, new Santa Lucia styled ones, or the ones from Revisited?

In a previously abandoned project "Revisited Morenatsu" he has one. And since the writers seem to rely on it a lot, it's likely that the writers, when will try to finish Juuichi's route, will also add his. 

But I can't confirm that they plan on recycling his route from that game, modify it but still include it, or just scrap it. We just have to wait and see.

He is my second favorite character! He is open, he is sincere, he is kind and he gives that feeling of living in his world from time to time. I love him because I can relate to him in a lot of ways. But even with all these lovely qualities, what bugs me about him is that the writers put his route content last. 

Which means that the character who has the potential to confess romantic love the fastest will have his confession just as late as Carlos and depending on what direction they take his writing, Bryan because of this. So either way, were gonna have to play the waiting game a lot just to get a confession out of anybody.

Actually, Chris has already revealed that Russel is falsely accused of rape during the marathon. Chris also revealed that is his fault that Russel has been accused by the mentors and that he isn't brave enough to confront them.

As to Russel being bisexual, IDK, he's writing doesn't give us any hints, but from what I heard from the Patreo targets, he will have a route eventually. So, yeah, maybe later we will see his bisexuality in action. 

As of typing, no, not even in the new update (currently Patreon exclusive). His route moves the slowest. 

If I were you, I'd expect from Carlos to have a NSFW scene extremely close to the end, kinda like Juuichi's route in Morenatsu (assuming you played the VN and know the events in his route). 

I am on the same page, Bryan is either too scared to build anything that will last because he fears it will be ripped away from him like so many other times before, or is just aromantic guy who searches only for friends with benefits and nothing more. 

Either way, he is a very interesting guy, because his route can either be a way to display in a story how a friends with benefits relationship works or how a man realizes that now things won't be swept from under his rug like before and it's safe to try and build something that will last (in this case, his first real romantic relationship).

P.S. While he has great storytelling potential, my favorite is Carlos. Then he is followed by Nate and then him. 

Ok then, I just am scared of another unfinished Morenatsu. I don't mind waiting, especially if it is to make him justice. But after the failure of the original, I am scared of repeat scenario. 

I wish you all good luck, I will wait, and when he will have his route, I will make the most of it.

You're right, maybe I just want a bit too much "In case it fails, at least it finished what the original didn't" insurance from Stormsinger. Because, if I know for sure, 100%, that this game will be fully finished, then I don't really mind Torahiko being last. 

The original also had the mindset, "Torahiko is the icing on the cake because he is so special, so to make the most of it, he will be the last finished route". And well, you see where that went. So, excuse me for having a hard time accepting this mindset. If I am gonna wait, at least keep the promise, and I will be happy.

How nice, Torahiko is last. What a sweet relief to know that if this project ends up like the original, he still won't have a route as well. Sorry for being so b****y, but after knowing how the original went, I would've made Torahiko's, Kyouji's and Soutarou's routes top priority; you know, in case of failure, to have the sweet relief that the only ones with no routes have one, a bit like finishing the old legacy type (even if this is a fan remake)

Ever since I discovered the Original last year, I wished for there to be routes for Kyouji, and especially Torahiko, since he really impressed me (my first route in the game was Juuichi's, and after the festival, Torahiko left me with a good impression and wished to see what he was like in a route).