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Great game! 3 lines

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first comment in two days

won with 598 words

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help what letter is this sword supposed to be 

its 01/28

is 01/28

its 01/28

did you type it in the computer?

Romeos is: 01/28
Julias is: Macbeth7

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my best rn is 122

will edit later if i get a better score

what do you do when you get the enter key?

Nice game to play when youre bored. 10/10 Very good for somebody your age!

You want to use the bottom left one last. (So the order is top left, bottom right, top right, bottom left.) That way you have a dash available.

My Sick beat: o2lGQ1 GNjeVt SeDHM2

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On the ending where you get to see the kids missing posters, what do the letters that flash on the screen translate to.
(Im not going insane right, there is a second ending. Right?)

you know what i think every combination that has paddles cant stop dosent work with ai

also the same thing with:
winning gives 0.78 points
two balls
paddles cant stop

the same thing with:
balls change course midway
paddles cant stop
there are monetised ads

The combination:
Paddles cant stop
elevator music
capitalism is dead
doesn't work. The AIs paddle can stop

Is there any lore to this game? If you go backward on the boat scene at the end of the game there's a picture of a girl on the tree.


the finger guns run out eventually

you can also use m and n keys too!

The Watermelons are extremely hard to do on a difficulty higher than medium.

I suggest using all z, x, c, and v keys for any fruit that comes as a challenge

This is not the full game, you can buy it for the full version

almost any button will work

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oh, i tried to go in there earlier and it wouldnt let me. Oh well

I cant find the knife ._.


what happened?

its normal i think


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Better time by 10-Secondsalso happy new year!

Does anyone know where these invisible platforms hes talking about are?

Sub 3-Minutes AND 0 Tries

I think to call this mission a success!If anyone tries to beat me, reply to this comment your time


I am faster by 1 second and got 2 more penguins 

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also is it supposed to say "8/6" and not 8/8?

and what was that secret ending about??

Bug: Try this out for yourself, the end product is way funnier than a picture

Bug: At the start of the game I grappled onto the upper-right corner of two blocks and right after the bird touched the corner it died and went back to the menu screen lol