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Amazing game, great jumpscares, great environment. This one is the BEST one so far! So excited for the next one! Definitely recommend.

Great game and very scary atmosphere! I loved the fact that the killer was able to hear the mic inside of the closet definitely helps making the game more immersive and intensifying.  A little better guidance sometimes would be nice, because sometimes I didn't get to read the subtitles cuz I was reacting to the scenes that was going on.  A little objective list in the corner would be a nice addition, just something for the future, that's just my opinion of course! Great game!

Had really fun playing the game. I love this type of horror games and think it's a bit more interesting than the usual horror games. 

Very good game enjoyed it from beginning to end. The music intensifying the situation was absolute gold. Here's my playthrough:

I loved this game! Absolutely terrifying atmosphere and jumpscares, really had me spooked. 

It was enjoyable and had me on my toes from start to finish. It fits perfectly into the genre of atmospheric horror, it makes you feel unnerving and unsafe constantly. 

Y'all have seriously made me afraid of taking elevators now... 

I really liked the game it could have changes here and there but overall pretty fun. You definitely have the basics of typical horror games down, maybe just focus a bit more on being a bit more unique since this game is very similar to poppy playtime, aside from the graphics and so on.  I had a very fun playthrough though! 

I would recommend to play and record, since it's free, short and fun to play. 

I played the first sirenhead game they made and really enjoyed it. I'd say the first one was more fun for me, but this one was also really good! There's a few things that I believe could be improved, but aside from that its great.

My first video with the sirenhead game blew up  and amassed over 23.000 views. Im grateful to this game and the devs for making a game that has had an important meaning for my channel. Without it, it wouldn't have happened. It gained me a lot of new subscribers and viewers,  which has led to my channel  succeeding a lot more lately. I hope I didn't seem rude playing the game, im just a sore loser when it comes to difficult games. 

Thank you, Isolation Interactive. <3

I love this game, its terrifying, intense, fun and more. It has meant a lot for me personally as well. It was the first actual scary horror game i've ever played, and after playing it, it made me more brave and open to new horror games!

Here's my video playing the last game:

Thank you scythe dev team! 

Bro i didnt even know i could hit these high notes with my voice crazy game puppet combo

This game has me on my nerves all the time. I literally do not feel comfortable or safe at any time. Super well done with night shift was extremely horrifying, and gave a big jumpscare. 

Here's my playthrough of the game :)

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I really liked this game, super scary and thrilling.

Here's me playing it: 

This games atmosphere is terrifying, and what a scary experience. There were a few bugs here and there, but the overall experience is amazing. I Didn't find Sirenhead that scary, until I played this game...