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The Hapless Henchman

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lovely! Makes me think of intellivision!

Looks fun so far! Can't wait to see the rest!

I have not until this very moment gave much thought to whether the Pokemon would do well if humanity came to a sudden end, but I think - now - that they would.

Cute little area. Ripe for lots of fun interactions. And the art is perfect!

Pokemons teh way they should be, namely informed by a hundred years and more of bleak and nihilistic personal development, a rampant and hilarious contempt for RPG DSKORS, and a free map generated on some beautiful vector-based generator with vaguely Dysonian leanings.

I will try to use it in a pickup game as soon as feasible, but my group is into this Oedipal hero-worship namby pamby 5th edition stuff. Death saves! As if. Not that this couldn't be converted to 5th edition with a minimal amount of effort. It's all the same, I think. I dont know why people don't use Pokemons, or 'Pikmins' as I like to call them, in DnD games more. I'm not joking here: I would rather see a thousand cute critter friends and Animal Crossing plushy-people than an orc any day.

The screaking of a hundred Eggxecutes in tandem will haunt me all my days. And an Arbok is NOT just an Ekans if I remember my benighted youth correctly. 

This may sound ludicrous, but I think I will expand this for 5th edition Dungeons n Dragons, with the start of the DunjonCorp dungeons and a PHB.

I have all the pieces together already, just need like, uh stat blocks.

I will post the TableSmith code, probably, too.

nice! this'll be fun

Time to brush up on my French!