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I named my own price Jonathan Livingston Beagle. Now he won't stop shedding. And you still haven't gotten paid, dammit.

itch is never clear about where or how to pay! I've named my own price Hildegard. Now what do I do with her?

Seriously, I'd like to buy this game. How do I go about that?

Also, I shake a tiny merman fist (though not my own) for there being games of yours I knew nothing about. I'm very glad to have found more of them here on itch.

Happy to do it. I love the way your brain makes games.

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So I've downloaded it, and I've been playing it, and I want to pay for it. Should I just donate through the DEPO discord? Let me know. Thanks!

The Hot Chocolate cheat is epic. I got rickrolled with hot chocolate.  X^D

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tldr; get it, and make a donation. It's worth paying for.

The long read:

Marvelous, if maddening. Very intuitive controls, very confusing traction. I'll get used to it soon enough. The Easter eggs are adorable and charming, despite being REALLY 'clip-art-of-the-90s' looking. Cheesy, but in a funny Comic Sans sort of way.

I really think this one is a 'must play' for anyone who has played and enjoyed 'DEPO'.

Just had my first run with the falling spiral cubes, tubes... and whatever else follows after the point where I died.  That level is FABULOUS! Puzzle design, visuals and music are all particularly fun.

I hesitated about DEP because I thought it might be disappointing after DEPO was such a phenomenal follow-up. Sometimes, I just love being wrong. DEP is equally brilliant. A+

This is the game that makes me say 'Wow!!!--the A/C remote fits perfectly if you jam it between the sticks of the game controller!' And, it gave me a little laugh with its super-old-school sound effects (I hear Space Invaders gunfire!) and its punchline, which I actually didn't anticipate.  Yes, I'm so old I remember Space Invaders. Stop snickering, dammit.

The title was so honest, I simply couldn't resist. Thanks for the little laugh. I enjoyed it.

You're welcome! (Nice sofa!) ^_^

Happy Bloomsday, which I never knew about until this morning.

A Gnome Again, Naturally. (with apologies to Gilbert O'Sullivan)

That little ceramic b*st*rd has me so afraid that I had to fearquit for tonight. If I'm not heard from again, that's suspect #1 right there.

Gnome, why must you be so fragile? You have broken my heart.

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The 'two years of your life for a game that sells for $3.99' really stayed with me, and made me sad. You might not even care, but I bought the game again over at Steam, and the excellent soundtrack as well. (<-- Well, well, well.) It's only $3.99 for each from me, but it will help to assuage my guilt at the thought of you working for two years for *no* profit from a fundraising bundle. ^_^ [EDIT: Also? Your visuals BEG to be screen captured.  On this platform, I kept hitting [F12] to no avail!]  Thanks for writing, and again, for the fun. On my next playthrough, I'm gonna pay very close attention to mental health subtext. Potentially really interesting stuff there, I think.

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I don't think I'm supposed to be liking this game as much as I do. That said, I don't care. I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Don't tase me, bro. [EDIT:] The only thing I don't like about it is that it ends. I guess I'll select 'stay and party with us' next time through.

This is too good and it should have a warning label saying so.