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This is the game that makes me say 'Wow!!!--the A/C remote fits perfectly if you jam it between the sticks of the game controller!' And, it gave me a little laugh with its super-old-school sound effects (I hear Space Invaders gunfire!) and its punchline, which I actually didn't anticipate.  Yes, I'm so old I remember Space Invaders. Stop snickering, dammit.

The title was so honest, I simply couldn't resist. Thanks for the little laugh. I enjoyed it.

You're welcome! (Nice sofa!) ^_^

Happy Bloomsday, which I never knew about until this morning.

A Gnome Again, Naturally. (with apologies to Gilbert O'Sullivan)

That little ceramic b*st*rd has me so afraid that I had to fearquit for tonight. If I'm not heard from again, that's suspect #1 right there.

Gnome, why must you be so fragile? You have broken my heart.

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The 'two years of your life for a game that sells for $3.99' really stayed with me, and made me sad. You might not even care, but I bought the game again over at Steam, and the excellent soundtrack as well. (<-- Well, well, well.) It's only $3.99 for each from me, but it will help to assuage my guilt at the thought of you working for two years for *no* profit from a fundraising bundle. ^_^ [EDIT: Also? Your visuals BEG to be screen captured.  On this platform, I kept hitting [F12] to no avail!]  Thanks for writing, and again, for the fun. On my next playthrough, I'm gonna pay very close attention to mental health subtext. Potentially really interesting stuff there, I think.

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I don't think I'm supposed to be liking this game as much as I do. That said, I don't care. I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Don't tase me, bro. [EDIT:] The only thing I don't like about it is that it ends. I guess I'll select 'stay and party with us' next time through.

This is too good and it should have a warning label saying so.