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I already emailed you these questions, but just in case you didn't see them there, I'm posting them here as well:

I stumbled upon your solution to Game Maker halting a running game if its window frame is being selected/dragged, and it's perfect for what I need. But I have a few questions about it:

1. I'm aware that in addition to stopping the game window from freezing, this extension makes it so that the frame of the game window can be resized, maximized, etc. For my game though, I want it so that the window cannot be resized/maximized at all (except for perhaps borderless fullscreen). How can I disable this resizability? (I'm a bit newer to using Game Maker extensions, sorry if there is an easy solution that I'm not seeing).

2. My game is a rhythm game, so it's vital that the movement of certain objects stays in sync with the audio. But, when the window freezes, the audio continues to play, so everything ends up out of sync (which is why I went looking for a solution like yours in the first place). If I could have the game detect if the window has been frozen, I could solve my problem by simply pausing the audio whenever the window is frozen, and then resuming it whenever the window becomes unfrozen again (considering that you said that your fix was pretty unstable, this seems like a simpler, stabler solution). So, do you know if it is possible for the game to detect when the window has been frozen?

3. As I mentioned earlier, I noticed you said that this extension is pretty unpredictable, and that it shouldn't be used if an alternative solution can be found. Are there any other solutions/extensions out there that you know of that solve this issue that are more stable?

Thanks in advance!