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This is an incredibly good snestiary (snail bestiary). I want more field guides of this quality!

This is an incredibly good snestiary (snail bestiary). I want more field guides of this quality!

Ah, I'm so happy it's working as snintended (snail intended)!

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V   e  r  y     l  e  i  s  u  r  e  l  y  .     :   )

I was cackling the entire time i was playing this , so funny!

Thanks so much! :)

Ahhhh, cute date!


Ah, thank you so much! I always like to try to add a lot of stuff, so I'm glad you found more under the surface than you were expecting. :)

ah, thank you so much! Glad I was able to get around adding music then, haha.

thanks! And yes, blobs are, in fact, the coolest! B)

Ahahah yess!! Continue yelling!

(I'm particularly fond of Meets)

Thanks so much! 😊

I got contact Stomach-Butterflies. This is perfect!

Thanks so much. I feel like little touches because they help make stuff real! I'm glad it felt wholesome, I LIVE for wholesome.

Also, Caeth's music was Incredible! I'm lucky they let me use it since it adds so much!

There's a quality to all of your games that I can't really describe. They have such great and specific atmospheres, the writing all just feels real, and honest, and resonates with me. It's all very Caeth! And this has Caeth in spades!

Oh my goodness, thank you!!!

I'm glad it's coming off as sweet as I intended!  ♥️😊♥️😊♥️

Thank you so much! :')

Aww, shucks, thanks for thinking so! :))))

Oh, I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this!

The mood that keeps on mooding.

I've never said MOOD and meant it as much as I did right just then.

This was gorgeous!

Thanks! :) That was so much the vibe I was going for!

This was so peaceful. And I wanna be as cozy as those mice!

Yeah, Death to humans!

This was incredibly cute! :)

Oh, I loved this! Replayed it a few times so I could reflect or report again! :)

This was incredible! :')
As always, the writing is killer.

Than you so much! I'm happy that it came across as well thought out. I got VERY ambitious with the first room, and since there were time considerations I had to tone it down on the rest of them, haha.

This was great! I DID panic a little in the looping corridors...haha.

OhmiGOSH! So cuuuute!

Wow! The texture is so good I feel like I could just reach out and touch yarn!

I'm glad you found it relateable in some ways! I tried to make all of the options feel realistic, so they at least felt relateable to me!

Thank you so much, I'm flattered!

Ladies, this one is a keeper! ;)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed Terrence's "flair" as much as I did!

I absolutely love this! Your art is always to incredible, and your storytelling is so compelling! Would love to see more Chapters.

I love this! All the Goblin cards are incredible!

That was incredible! Great work on the moving objects hack!

This was SO cute! Hope to see more games from you!