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This was great! I DID panic a little in the looping corridors...haha.

OhmiGOSH! So cuuuute!

Wow! The texture is so good I feel like I could just reach out and touch yarn!

I'm glad you found it relateable in some ways! I tried to make all of the options feel realistic, so they at least felt relateable to me!

Thank you so much, I'm flattered!

Ladies, this one is a keeper! ;)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed Terrence's "flair" as much as I did!

I absolutely love this! Your art is always to incredible, and your storytelling is so compelling! Would love to see more Chapters.

I love this! All the Goblin cards are incredible!

That was incredible! Great work on the moving objects hack!

This was SO cute! Hope to see more games from you!

Thanks for letting me know about that bug! Misplaced "." as it turns out.  Also corrected a bug that made some card selections not register correctly (It was picking The Fool regardless of card choice). Should be all good to go now!

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This is hysterical!

Great job! Look forward to seeing more games!

Oof, that was tough! Very well constructed, clever, and funny!

Great work! Short, maybe, but good, yes!

This was lovely, also , WOW, It's fun to see these conversations when it's not ACTUAL relatives trying to talk to me. 

This was incredible. The I don't know that I've ever felt more frustrated, but also more dedicated to keep going. In good ways!

Slime Cashier for Best Supporting Actor.

This was so pleasant and refreshing!

I got all choked up at the end. :')

Cool friends! And yeah, the DnD was accurate from my experience too! All so relateable.

I'm going to be thinking about this all day.

Well told.

This was not what I was expecting! But in a great way!

I spent a solid 5 minutes just reading book titles and Laughing! This was just really fun to play through.

(The room the the left was a particular fav spot)

This was incredible! I've not read this story, but wow. Lovely visuals!

Thanks! I'd say this is more of a sketch really, I'd planned on quite a bit more but the time constraints of the game jam led me to pare that down.

You may see a much more complete game down the road! Who's to know.

Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I may not be one to eloquently talk about or discuss by development process, mainly because this being my first game, I very much winged it. 

Most useful was help from a very talented friend Caeth, who helped me get used to Bitsy, and also introduced me to Andrew Yolland's awesome Borksy Game Hacker. With that tool, I was able to regularly and fairly simply export the game into a playable version complete with the hacks. Not quite as simple as playing in the Bitsy editor, but quick and easy playable versions with the hacks intact.

Thank you so much, this is incredible! I'm glad you enjoyed my first and (so far) only game.