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This is literally from like 4 years ago, I was like -3 years old

This is the initial release.

Some glitches.

Features are on front page.

Survival community · Created a new topic Suggestions

What do you suggest?

Only suggest if you've played the latest version.

I (personally) think it's not good as of right now, but it really is only the gameplay basics.

What do you think?

Honestly, that is a great price! Keep up the great developing! Actually, I have never seen any gameplay, but just by the pictures it looks super awesome! Have a nice day :)

This looks like an AWESOME game! Can't wait to try it. How much will it cost?

999999999999999/10 - Super fun, this should cost 30$!!! And I ran it on my laptop (it is BAD performance.), and it ran just fine on 600x400 fastest. Awesome game!