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Okay, so I think I understand why it's all messed up.

First of all, this is a VERY interesting forum post because it's one of those things you never think will matter until it does. Your GPU (dedicated, integrated, whatever it may be) isn't the issue. At least, I don't know for sure about the executable. But, I do know one thing for a fact. Blitz3D is trying to set the game to run in a resolution with only 16-bit color, while Windows (or maybe it is actually the GPU) doesn't like that and doesn't let it set your monitor's color depth to 16 bits. Thus leading to Blitz complaining about "Failed to create graphics."

If you open up the source, the first line is where we get our issue.

If you want to play the game windowed (my preferred method so I can avoid the game hard crashing and locking up, then having to grab Task Manager or SuperF4 to kill the process), change the 1 to a 2 (so the command is ). If you want to still play it fullscreen, change the 16 to a 0 (). This tells Blitz to get the best color-depth for the given resolution, or something to that effect. I'm leaving the resolution as 640x480 because the game was made for this resolution, and once you change it, stuff doesn't line up anymore. You might be able to set the last number as 3 and have it work in a fullscreen-type mode, but I'm not brushed up on this. The reason why it would launch in windowed mode while it was zero is explained in the manual: 

I don't know why modern graphics cards can't just emulate a lower color depth. Compared to raytracing, emulating a lower color depth can be done super simply; just before converting to an analog signal. At worst, it's a post-process shader. Oh well, you can't win them all.

Going back to some other stuff, I think there might be a way you can "pack" DLL files into an exe, but it's complicated and the internet might not let you get away with it for free (like you, I am also a cheapskate, so I know how it is), so you'll have to copy the DLLs to the directory where the executable is. Although clunky and seemingly counterintuitive, it's completely a-okay to do this. As for the shadows being broken... without more research (I came across this post like two hours ago and decided to tackle it, and it's about midnight so I'm about to call it for the night), I have no clue. I think I know how it's drawing shadows (using a sort-of normal method), but I don't know for sure, so I'll just keep quiet about the matter and investigate it at a future date.

Anyway, my eyes are burning from the pure white background on, so I'm gonna finish this up for now. I hope this comment helps you at all and lmk if anything else happens or if you need me to clarify something. Happy blitzing!

Also, I love your metaphor of dialects. A very simple yet powerful way to put it!

You've probably heard of SCP: Containment Breach if you've heard of Blitz3D, or at least I'd hope. It's a pretty damn good game and made with yours truly, Blitz3D. No, it's not quite recent, but it's seen a Steam release of the multiplayer mod, and (not counting the latest version on Steam because it's become sort of a buggy mess, I'd recommend checking out the ModDb page here) is quite polished.

To answer your second question, I am, but I guess I don't have any real authority in the game world yet. I just like using older engines. I'm working on a minecraft-type clone in Blitz3D, which will be interesting to see if it works and fast enough to be enjoyable.

To answer your third question, I would say your experience with it depends on how complicated your normal programming adventures are. Honestly, I find the language very basic (ha, but it is BASIC so it is to be expected) and you can't do things like function dereferencing. Also, if you like writing nice and neat code, get ready to use your Tab button (or if you're a psychopath and use the spacebar) like crazy, there's no auto-indentation. For modelling, you can most certainly use Blender. It doesn't natively support .blend files, but it does support .3ds and one other file format for 3D models (something like that), which Blender supports. Hell, you can even write your own model file implementation, but I would not do that for a few reasons, mainly that's a lot of work and you'll have to do a lot of stuff in BASIC, which isn't exactly fun (at least, not for me).

Now, as for making games for modern day, just as with any programming language, it's not about the actual code, it's about the how. I believe that you can make a fully-fledged triple-A game (well, you most likely won't have hyper-monetization and thank god for that) in any programming language. Even brainfuck. Actually, that seems kinda fun now. A brainfuck CPU, with a... oh I'm going on a tangent again.

If you need me to clarify anything, please, let me know :)


This is literally from like 4 years ago, I was like -3 years old

This is the initial release.

Some glitches.

Features are on front page.

Survival community · Created a new topic Suggestions

What do you suggest?

Only suggest if you've played the latest version.

I (personally) think it's not good as of right now, but it really is only the gameplay basics.

What do you think?

Honestly, that is a great price! Keep up the great developing! Actually, I have never seen any gameplay, but just by the pictures it looks super awesome! Have a nice day :)

This looks like an AWESOME game! Can't wait to try it. How much will it cost?

999999999999999/10 - Super fun, this should cost 30$!!! And I ran it on my laptop (it is BAD performance.), and it ran just fine on 600x400 fastest. Awesome game!