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Noah Ferguson

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Just played this game. Made it to one thousand then I got bored. Might work well with an autoclicker. Sure was fun.

Now someone needs to beat my highscore!

It's always nice to see someone being an actually good human being to other human beings

Audio doesn't stay off?

How can you add multiple hacks to  one game (if possible)?

Thanks so much. I'll check it out.

Mac Big Sur 11.6 - "Pixelorama is damaged and cannot be opened"

Why thank you

Yeah, I figured that second part. I'll look up a walkthrough later. Thanks!

Can't make it past the third level???

Any bugs? List them here and I will do my best to fix them. I took a short break and now I'm back working on version 1.0 beta.

Somehow got 11 seconds??? Guess I got good button placements!

My high score is 133. I like how when you look at the cover, you expect a 2D runner of some type, but in the end you only get a couple lines-- in true 1D style.

pffft nevermind

How to make dinner?

The test begins...

This looks amazing. And on Mac! Magnificent! Absolutely magnificent!

Is there a Gameboy downloadable file? I see it was made in Unity, and as far as I know there is no plug-in for that… Have you found one? I need one for my games.

This game looks interesting. Do you mind if I test it on MacOS (Big Sur 1.15) and let you know if any bugs are present?

Would you possibly be able to port this game to MacOS? It looks fantastic and I would love to play it… but I have no money for a virtual machine.

This game has such a beautiful design. I'm starting to give up on my submission because of the increasingly great quality of all these other games.

Darn. I only got 103.

The game... so beautiful... I’d be happy to lose to you.

The "M" rating should probably be at the very top and in bold. Otherwise, tone it down a little bit please. Other than that, no issues with the game whatsoever and the idea is brilliant.

Always insane in the membrane.

Holy cow, I love this game! A fantastic idea put into motion beautifully!

Awesome, beautiful, and awesomely beautiful! I'm looking for games for a Gameboy emulator, and this definitely needs to be part of my collection. Port it to Gameboy if at all possible!!!