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no thx no username

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PLZz make an auto save or just make saving sloths i just had a rlly good village but i dont want to loose it like the last one btw Adrineator7z send this on spanish am not leaving this page untll i get a save button ;-;

Thats not very holy and god won't accept you praying for that

my hamster ran so fast 

plz add more stuff like pet houses 

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tysm i got 33 :D

Looks a bit like my classroom pet's cage but not rlly :> PLS ADD MORE HAMSTERS AND FURNITER I LUV u GAME 999 STARS PLZ ADD MORE 

Am raiseing an egg yolk :> 

how do i know who to kill i always die at 2 points gg everybody

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1.  Get the red thing and go to the green bucket with water and then go to the plants after that  pick up everything and it will stack up then throw it on the trash bin  and get the hammer and everything else go to the roof and press 1 on the black spots and after that go to sleep then make dinner get the apples and carrots cut them with the knife and then put it on the bowl and sit on the red chair then get the red or black key idr remember next to the table aside from the bed and go to the shed with a chain lock go inside and get the gasoline looking thing and go around the grey spots on the grass after that get the thingy with a paint brush and a canvas and bucket then go to the stool outside  the next day go inside the shed again get the radio looking thing then go to the hammer next to the door and click on the radio to workout get the ball black and white do whatever you want until you run it out of the sky block idk what  else to do with the weeds so sorry did that even make sence ;-;  

2. Ok so go to the plant area and click it on it a LOT of times until you get them all then throw them on the trash bin then sleep after that get the yellow hat  go outside get the axe and go to the wood next to it cut it then bring it to the fire place  get the string / rope then go inside the shed and pick up the white thing that looks like a bed thing and go to the stick on the plant area and put it there.

3. Go inside the shed get the fishig rod next to the shovel then get the knife and the guitar and cut the fishing rod and put the string on the guitar the next day read all of the books get the knife and go to the weird blue thing that looks like a distorted fish and cut it then go to the trash bin and press space then press the red thing that's not the paint and put it on the plants go on top of the roof and walk on it even if  you get a diologue keep doing it until it dosen't change colors anymore then go to sleep and THEN go outside get the axe and go to the distorted fish until it turns back to normal then get the knife and go to the scarecrow then go to the shed and get the shovel and dig up the brown "thing "on the grass then sleep and then go outside and get the red stuff  and END OF THE GAME oK WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK WAS THAT

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thx  btw i thing mine has a glitch i only see rocks when i pick stuff from the corners and they glitch on the same space help.... i rlly want to play .plz . someone tell me if it is a glitch


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Did you see the moon last night what's that... totally don't see the moon every night

Did you catch the game last night uuHmm let me google the answer

Who else knew what the game was about bcs of the title and thumbnail cool game ;-;

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i can't take out the trash :/ UNLESS i AM the trash


i hope this dosent get deleted