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It’s a simple text input object but I’m worried it might count as “graphics”…

Question, is this viable?

I want to make a factory game using text objects but my method needs me to have an invisible sprite to check tiles… Is it still viable?

How could I not? but seriously the game’s kinda janky but it’s premise and execution is fine

…so beautiful…

so I saw Yub play this and I’m gonna make something worse in 2D, I love the simplicity of the game

Leap day had great art but I personally think that Rust Bucket was kind of the nicest ones they made, great puzzles and simple enemy designs

Yeah, I’ve just started playing their mobile games but I love their work and art style!

huh, looks like a decent brawler like game

It would, it’s already breaking mine

huh, dis is not a new concept but considering how great it looks it looks like a hit game!

It’s so chaotic that it kind if reminds me of There Is No Game’s full release and that game was amazing(even though I’ve only seen playthroughs)

huh, looks like something I would see from nitrome or something. Pretty good

looks like something similar to a fun sandbox I would play while waiting for game builds or wifi to load

Looks awesome, looks like it would be a fun adventure platformer!

can I take the concept of this game and switch it up just enough to make a separate game?(Imma make the game anyways but ur answer will decide if the game will be commercial or not…)

I’m revamping once the jam ends


Thanks! I’ve been trying recently to get the player look and feel nice in most of my games recently

I knew what I was doing when I first started the project, thanks for playing!

I might update the look of the page later, thanks for playing

Thanks, I hope on revamping it post-jam

I wanted to add more levels but I had some major time constraints

uhhh… thanks?

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To think this masterpiece was made a year before I joined the community…

super epik

So like can grabbing onto a ledge count as a climbing platform? like I mean a ledge as in the ones you don’t cling on the side of but like a thin ledge you can hang on to and shuffle on

…Maybe I should just make the remake a puzzle focused game

I actually made this with the purpose of speedrunning… but more puzzles could be fun too

Sorry that the buttons were bad, I just placed them in there kinda last minute… But thanks for the feedback anyways!!!

Thanks! I might just improve this post-jam and go and give this to coolmath games, I’ve been planning to get something on that site anyways.

Thanks! I wish I had more time to make this entry but I was on a deadline

Imma gonna whack yo goofy ass in a minit

…So like it’s good but not at the same time? Like the idea’s good(GDEVELOP FTW!!!) but the execution is kinda crude. I’m not saying it’s garbage, I’m saying it could be improved upon.

It depends… I’m thinking of maybe either next month or next next month… The more frequent the better I say!