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This was SUPER fun and I can't wait to see what all gets added to the game in the future! I know game development takes a while. Especially if you're a solo developer, but it'd be cool to see perhaps multiplayer in the future, say if the castle gets expanded to the full thing or something x3 Or possibly VR Support. Overall good game and I had a blast playing! (: Keep it up!

Excellent story!
I love that this one connects with the other games!
Here is my playthrough from the game. :3

A few things I noticed though!
In my playthrough, I happened to hear in some of the voice acting that there is a smoke alarm that needs changed, as you can hear the beeping in the background, for example, when Caitlyn is singing "One, two...."

Speaking of Caitlyn, I noticed that her name is spelled "Cailyn" in the end credits, so I got confused if her name was Caitlyn or Cailyn haha.

Lastly, I found it mildly annoying that the burning corpses kept screaming after dying, but that is my only minor gripe!

Overall, I'm really impressed with how this one turned out and I cannot wait to see what else you guys at Fingers Dipped in Red have to offer! 😁

9 out of 10, would recommend!

Okay so I REALLY like this one!
The old school style graphics, and some legit scares are what really did it for me!

If anyone wants to see what I mean, you can check out my gameplay here:

Okay, so this is a SUUUPER cool concept! If anyone wants to give it a try and guess my pin, the answer is hidden somewhere in my playthrough! (: Also, I would LOVE for more games to be as cool as this!!

REALLY fun game and a really cool concept!
You can watch my playthrough/reaction here. (:

Also, would LOVE to see more games like this!

This one was such a blast!
I legit screamed an jumped back from my computer hahaha

This one was an absolute delight from start to finish!
I had so much fun with this one, and I can't wait for more!
Feel free to check out my scared gameplay here!

Real fun game! I legit got scared and turned my volume down xDD

Short, fun, horror game that actually gave me chills!
I look forward to playing all of the FDIR games, so stay tuned for that! (:
Here is my playthrough if anyone is interested in watching! :D