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Hi Chris, thank you for your help,
One question, hopefully the last, how does unity recognize that this is the right shape ? and how can i make it less sensitive to the probability that its the right one.
because right now i have to move it by the mil to get the star fade
Also how do i create a line renderers for different polygon colliders (tangrams) I see the prefab positioning but I dont know how to create a custom one.

What i dont understand is how are the shapes place and how is the outline placed as well ?

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Hi Chris, So I downloaded your tangram project and i love it, and i want to learn how to create games especially tangrams, however my issue is that there is no such tutorials online.
My other issue is that i have looked into the project but i dont really understand where the levels are being loaded. Is there a video that you posted that I can check out on the process?

I greatly appreciate your help