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Thanks for the reply. Extremely glad this is still being updated and cant wait for the new update. Can you spill any details about the new update or is that a secret?

Is this project dead? It would be sad if it was :(

Oh I see. Well if this does well, and you are motivated to keep updating it and still enjoy updating it, do you think transferring the game to another engine would allow you to add these more advanced features, base building, fleets, and farming? Sorry for kinda spamming you just interested.

How much support would it take to get it that far? I would love to see this game become a 2D more simple NMS! It would be amazing. I can just imagine myself base building in 2D. Also thanks for responding.

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Wow this is a great project. If you keep updating it to add the features you wanted to add plus farming, base building and fleets then this would be AMAZING and by far my favorite project! Like a 2D more simplified NMS. Havent seen gameplay on youtube yet but I bet all the NMS youtubers will eventually play it. Wish I could support but dont have the extra money but as soon as I do I will domate as much as I can.