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Your GPU is too old

This is now possible in the latest Patreon version.

Yes, but it won't be fast

Too old.

If you would've taken the time to read the description, you would've known that the itch version is not the latest. And it's pay what you want, you don't need to donate anything at all - Itch shows a "no thank you, just take me to the downloads" link.

I added this as a feature, it will be in the next update on Patreon.


You can unlock the input framerate field by opening the Debug Tools, going to Config Editor, changing allowCustomInputRate to True, and then changing your framerate to 15 FPS in this case.

I plan to make an easier slowmo option in the future.

You need like 5 GB once.

There is no Linux version.

Unsupported OS

Yes, by buying a better GPU.

The comment was written 3 days ago when I still used an older host and SSL configuration, the latest download should work fine.

It's not. Feel free to check the source code.

Generating extra frames for duplicates is planned.

Seamless loops are an option in Flowframes.

Click the arrow on the right and click Keep anyway, or whatever it says

Same folder as input.

Why not use RIFE? It's much faster and usually looks better.

RIFE can only do 2x/4x/8x etc. This is a hard limitation.

Impossible to say, as it depends on framerate, your GPU and CPU, and the resolution.

Windows 7 is not supported.

Very unlikely.

Download the linked one for now, it works as well.

Future updates will be distributed via an installer.

Settings -> Debugging -> Model download mirror, try the second option.

It will resample the 96 FPS output to 60 using ffmpeg's fps filter.

RTX3000 will also work.

It's temporary due to traffic limitations.

Thanks a lot!

Those are most likely file system limitations. Not a bug.

It does, if you enable RTX Fast Mode in the settings.

AVI, h264 (CRF 0) and h265 (CRF 0) are also lossless. ProRes is technically not lossless, but very close to it.

Interpolate 2x and set "Maximum Output Framerate" to 60 in the settings.

You can adjust the compression strength in the settings, up to lossless.

Was fixed in 1.24.2.

Try disabling Auto-Encode in the interpolation settings as a workaround.

No, it's just a limitation of the AI. Future models might improve this.

Interpolated frames will always look slightly worse than original frames.

Join the Discord and send me the logs in #flowframes-support after reproducing the problem.

I'm 90% certain it does NOT work on a HD 4000.

Try again with the latest update.

Taking the frames from the interp folder will not work with deduplication or scene detection. If you want to correctly encode it, check if there's a "frames-2x.ini" (or similar) file in the temp folder, and encode it using the concat demuxer in ffmpeg.