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0.4 will probably come to itch.io, but 1.0 will release on Steam

I don't know.

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Let's see... thing is, the project is pretty much dead.

Can't say yet since the game is not finished.

My goal is to make the minimum an Intel HD 520 or something like that. And the recommended a GTX 750 Ti. But again, those are just my plans.

Well, that's what my Patreon is for :)

Yes, for best immersion I plan to make a local voice chat (with a 5-10m range), similar to PUBG.

You can close it with F1.

The actual bug (or rather flaw) is that the notice that you can press F1 is cutt off on certain resolutions.

I'll fix that soon.

You can join my Discord, I will notify you there if I need models.

So as you know this game has villages and NPC, i was wondering if we will get villages and NPC. 

Not sure, this wouldn't be easy to make.

I think that we also maybe need an exit that is like 1-1000 to come across. 

I don't know, that kinda defeats the purpose of the survival gameplay. Imagine you're playing co-op survival with 3 others, and one of them finds the exit. Then he's gone and you're left with only 2 people. However, there will definitely be hallucinations like in the original story.

When do we expect multiplayer to hit 

Hard to say. In 1-3 months I guess.

more thorough control menu, not being able to customize it is fine but it doesn't state half of the controls in the f1 Dropbox

Really? Which ones are missing? Also, 0.4 will have a tutorial explaining those.

How many people are on the team or is it just you, and are you willing to take applicants, im still very basic in game development but am eager to learn.

I'm the only one who works "full time" on it, but I got a bunch of people on my Discord server who help me a bit. (Voice acting, some 3D models, music, etc). Feel free to join my Discord if you want to help.

Yes, always.

I'm not sure, because making NPCs is pretty hard. But I might look into it after making multiplayer.

Well, just wait for the multiplayer, that's where the fun begins!

Same as Mac - there will likely be Linux builds after release.

I hope I can deliver ;)

Stay tuned, I'm currently having problem with pathfinding, but once I got that solved I will start workin on multiplayer.

Mac versions will be made once the game is done.