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Check out the walkthroughs on the Discord (Link at

Download a legal copy from here or Patreon and you won't experience any bugs or lost save files. has all the links. If you need save files to skip ahead in the game there is a link to a Discord server on the site that has files and information on skipping ahead in the game.

Free version on June 1st and May 15th for Patreon

11% compared to supporters 25%-32% has all download links

Make sure your GPU is being utilized

Check out

To get the most recent update yes. But there will be a free version released on May 1st that gets you to 11% (paid versions up to 32%)

It's automatic as long as you dont uninstall the older version

Download the laucher and you will get auto updates

If you install the launcher there is no zip file. Just run the game after it installs

The next free update is on May 1st

make sure you're using the GPU when running the game and then the videos will show up.

Can you send me your Patreon name? I can check for you. I recommend sending it using Patreon or using the contact form at and I'll get the message right away.

Download the game from here.

save files are located here...

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\User Data

Look for anything that starts with Defaultfile and make a copy for your new install

Yes 9% is max for the free version right now.


free up around 3 gigs to download and install

6% for the free version

25% for the Patreon version

v25032 is 25%. The next update is on April 1st. The version is 6%. has the download links

Only download from the links at for bug-free versions

Chapter select was added in newer versions. Save files should not delete. Make sure you're downloading only official versions of the game either on or Patreon

Chapter select is available on Android to all Patreon supporters at

Yes supporters on Patreon get the updates a few months earlier and get new content twice a month.

.06112 is .06113 in this case. It's a long story. But don't worry. It's correct.

If you use the launcher/auto updater you will be prompted once a new version is available. Next date for the free release is April 1st

the game should end around 6% in this version. What % are you at?

Some features are desktop only. You're right that the engine is made for desktops but is ported to mobile. I am working on an online version of the game though that will work better.

The % includes all collectibles too

You can use these saves...

The next free release will be on April 1st. The next release on Patreon will be on March 15th.

Not yet. But sort of in later versions and there is lots of new kinks planned

the save files are stored outside the game and should be found by any newer version installed

You only need to install the full game of the latest version. It will contain all contents for the game.

Look for a treasure chest on the 2nd floor

Are the 3 hearts "filled" or "grey" cause they need to be filled. You may need to visit the bonus area to buy a heart or two.

You need to combine the serum and the perfume bottle.

Be sure to extract the ZIP contents before lunching the game.

You can transfer your save files. Check the "Crystal Ball" item to see what you're missing.