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Thank you for checking out Faire Play! It’s one of my favorite games I’ve written.

I agree with rolling to to see who moves first. When reknown is tied its known as a “pick’em game” in traditional sports betting this pays out as winner gets all, I think your solution of twice their bet (as if they were both the Long Shot Knight) works perfectly.

Hi Gatekey thank you for getting in touch!

The first page, the 1-10 is meant for your inventory. I often block out a few connected spaces for my armor (with a doodle or just fill it in with marker).

On the second page, there is a map. It is meant to be versatile and used for notes that players might have. I think of it more as “grid paper but hexes.” And perhaps in a future version of the character sheet I could more literally include something like that. Short things long, it is for players to document their own journey.


N.L. Morrison

P.S. for tracking your fingerprints you’ll find the little 10 white boxes in the character info section, I write L, A, or W in those boxes to line up with both hands.

Hi Neverend! It should just when another mark will not apply. So if you cannot make out the fingerprint or the fingerprint does not exist (missing finger), then you use the ?/O mark.

All of the monster entries contain weapons / attacks that could become weapons. Alternatively as long as you choose light/medium/heavy you can make any weapon you wish 🙌

Hi T3O7E0! You receive items from any of the 12 archetypes based on your fingerprints, besides the items you receive you don’t have a class for your Traveler. (You might have the Knight’s Long Sword and the Mage’s Ring of Arcane for example)

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Hi Jeahel! Yes it is common to have many different types of fingerprints, but sometimes people have all one or another. The pairings of all Loops does make your character the strongest possible (albeit sacrificing Willpower and Dexterity).

On our discord server and in the demo copy there are examples of all sorts of Travelers:) Thank you for checking out the game!

Hi ChaplainThomas if you attempted to order the physical copy from Exalted Funeral it is currently out of stock (awaiting reprints). As far as the digital version, that is likely an issue with’s servers? I haven’t received your payment so I don’t think it went through.

Hi Peridot!

As of right now, the text in the book is the main source of information about the world. I find that the setting is largely mutable after the 3 important inclusions (Travelers, Monsters, Shrines). Feel free to adapt anything at your table with these elements in mind!

My check list looks something like:

  • What sort of civilization fell here
  • What caused the fall and why is it still hanging around?
  • What sorta fucked up stuff happened as a result?
  • Who is left after the fallout and what dangers do they face?

The official first adventure™ will have more setting info and lore to run specific adventures in Amarna (one of the countries mentioned in the core book). It is still underway!:)

I’ve got this question a lot! I just uploaded a form fillable version to itch, it should be accessible with a purchase of the game, if it isn’t I’ll fix it ASAP! Best of luck!

So glad to hear it!

Thank you!

I recommend the official / unofficial Exalted Funeral discord! they have a looking for group channel at #scrying-circle-lfg (discord (dot) gg/fBkFuPQmPr) It may be a bit until I’ve got my own server up and running for Print Weaver - when I do it’ll likely be posted here.

Thank you!:)

That is so fun! It’s definitely possible you can get similar spreads, the hope is always that even if stats are similar, your items will have some starting variety (and if not, you can always change up your origins and design! maybe if you’re similar you’re apart of the same Order)

And ooo, Strength based animal (i am partial to having a bear).

While it’s not listed in the text, I use the flashlight on my phone from a nice side angle to help read the fingers. Thank you so much for engaging with the book, this is incredibly rewarding to hear!!:)

Omg! Mostly STR, some DEX I hope? you can always supplement magic with some enchanted loot or rings!!!:)

Thank you! He is a mischievous little fellow!

This is a simple effective vancian-magic-killer. Completely changed my take on fantasy spell systems, opened a lot of doors, give it a read!

Amazing collection! The definitive starter kit for Mausritter adventures, I felt like it offers a ton of great entry points for new players and fun locations for easy world building. Each adventure is beautifully laid out and fit together nicely as a collection.

Hi axolotlmaster7! The full game has just entered print production with Exalted Funeral this month and we are hoping for a mid to late February release:)


I’m glad you enjoyed it (even if this one isn’t mindblowing!) - I appreciate the review.

Post any questions about Print Weaver here, feel free to answer anything you have an answer for!

Thank you! Definitely a different (more modern) vibe than my other games.

Thank you! You take the number you rolled for Tone and count that many spaces from the left. And the take the number you rolled for Form and go that many spaces up from the bottom! Then you can draw the constellation there.

(Sometimes constellations near each other might tell similar stories? Or be related?) Hope this helps!

I love the physicality! The roll heat-map is sick:)

Thank you BdotLively! Make sure to check out other submissions in the jam:)