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By default, GBstudio runs in a monochromatic "GameBoy"-mode, that is able to display only one palette (4 colors).

If you want to display more colors á la Game Boy Color, you need to enable it in the Settings menu, or simply by using the Colorize (z) tool from the left hand side tool panel.

When color mode is enabled for your project, you can then use the colorize tool to color different parts of your background art using different color palettes. If you want to color sprites, you can go to the Sprites-view (ctrl+2), and when you select a sprite, it shows you the option to change its color palette in the right hand side panel. Note: you can use only 1 palette per sprite. If you are using a meta-sprite (a larger sprite that consists of 2 or more smaller sprites), you can define a different palette for each sprite that is used in that meta-sprite (for example: character's upper body is its own sprite, and bottom part is its own sprite).

You can have 8 different color palettes at max in your project, and you can define them in the Settings menu. (scroll to the Color section)

Very nice perspective and a sense of scale!

I like how the distorted trees make it kinda look like the car is moving at fast speed!


Cute little star destroyer!

Unfair how cool this looks! Very nicely done! I would have flipped the walls or zoomed the camera in some so that they wouldn't block the view so much!

Cool concept

Cute! Maybe the other pawn could be white to add more "tension" to the game state?

I’m glad you like it! I was thinking about Nintendo-aesthetics and Rampage arcade while brewing the concept.

Nice work! Cool little detail that blinking red light!

Very nice chunky shapes you got there! I think the feet could've looked more dynamic if they were angled a little!

Nice details!

You are already faster at modelling soda bottles!

Wow! Very cool idea & execution. I would've loved to see some kind of representation of the animal game pieces!

Thanks! It took me around 2-3 hours to model & texture this, plus maybe 15 mins of additional tweaking after that. I've been 3d modelling for years and PicoCADs tools are very simple and easy to get hang of. Cheers!