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It's true.

I found the one behind a tree on the immediate west area, and the one surrounded by shadow peeps on the far east. Couldn't find anywhere else to explore.

Really liked the visual style! Having just been playing the new Amnesia game I am grateful for the familiar F-key-for-lantern mapping. The puzzles, whilst pretty minimal, fit the mood and the genre very well, and the jump scare got me good tbh. I was a bit disappointed at the end that there wasn't any actual peril? But still, nice work!

The visuals are maybe the best I've seen in this jam! Looks fabulous. Obviously the pop-up book conceit is super cool, but I also especially nerded out over the animation of the torches.

I only managed to find two keys. How much of the game did I miss out on (and could you give me a hint or two maybe?)

Liked the look a lot, and it's impressive just how much content there was. Though in a way that's my one main downside, as it felt like it kept going for a couple more levels than it needed to, and the larger final level was too much for my brain to handle without a minimap or something. Perhaps some way of hinting which key goes to which door, idk.

One of my favourite little things was how the up and down doors were just rotated regular doors, which was actually very charming & cute!

The player, uh... character? is satisfyingly gross and splodgy looking, and the little dialogue snippets over the humans' heads was a nice touch, especially how it changes to reflect what's going on. I found the tension between wanting to be stealthy and needing to be fast a bit disorienting on my first run though, but it made sense more on the second time.

You had me at "hell-o"

Clever idea & script, great voice acting, loved it ^.^

This is a neat idea, and the execution (especially the pixel art and the spooky sounds) is really good.

I would say that from a gameplay POV once I finally made a mistake on round 12 I wasn't in a rush to dive back in just because of how slow it is. I would love to see a version that gets faster and faster the first few rounds, to a point where it feels fairly breezy to fail and try again, and has a more arcadey vibe to match the really cool art.

Thanks! Yeah, alas the music was a limitation of a 48hr jam.

Thanks! The "score" is currently how many hits you took when you finally succeed to the end, which is evidently a bit optimistic haha. Definitely will take those suggestions on board later. 

Thanks! I am not sure on the rules of Ludum Dare re: changing things, but I think I'm going to move one of the shields onto mouse control when I get chance.

White bullets are just faster, but there's another use for the double shield later on. 



uh, not as such ^_^

We've fixed the crash bug, along with a couple others. Tightened up the tutorial conversation flow just a little while we were at it!

Thanks for the info! I think I might have an idea what the issue is now!

oh no! what browser/platform are you using?