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I love grappling hooks!!

First playthrough:

🍓 x 15

🕒 00:42:11

💀 331

Was gonna get all of the strawberries but accidentally went to the next screen on one of the level 3 ones.

edit: speedrun pb 3:03

Really fun, would rate it but I didn't submit anything to the jam so i can't

:o plot twist! i like the art

This is probably my favorite game so far. On the first run i used up all my energy in the start room but on the second run i finished it. The random generation makes it interesting, i had fun going to every room and getting like 1000 energy :D

Nice work!

Great mechanic well executed, with a lot of polish and great level design. I couldn't beat level 20 though. Fun game!

Very cool concept! It was quite funny to see my weird drawings in the game. 

I didn't have that much idea of what I was doing but it's definitely cute =)

Cool game, I like the graphics!

But I'm not sure about the music being 8-bit.