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this is beautiful

it's amazing I loved this

So good!

I'm gay

Omg I love this



I loved this!

So cool! my hs is 88:)

it's really fun and cute!


Just beautiful I loved it

It's awesomee

It's so good it's addictive I probably should do my homework instead of playing but I can't

this is so cool and cute i really liked it

bye this is so funny

so cool

this was adorable and i really liked the twist and horrible dad jokes. good job!

this is so cool!

really cool!

Awesome, I can't wait for the full version!

this is so cool and I loved the concept!

It's cool! I reached level 20:)

It's so cool and I really like the concept.

I really liked it! I like the concept and sound effects. Great game!

felt smart after this

Nice writing!

It's really cool! I like the aesthetic

This was so fun and nice and I really liked the ending:)

Served its purpose of annoying me, but I still love it. I couldn't complete the game yet but i'll come back and try.

It was sad, it really gives you another point of view. I liked it alot.

This is so challenging I can't 

this is adorable

It was tricky I really liked it!

This game made me so happy for no reason I love this

It's cool!


I will, you're welcome

This looks so cool! To be honest, I didn't watch Jojo's yet, so I don't know much about Dio's abilities, but It's fun!