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OK yeah the English version is up but it switches back to Chinese characters or letters. som of the translations needs fixing to. i had to stop when it changed from English. I like the story but it needs fixing.

Yo everyone chillout. He is trying his best working on this VN. If yall fuss or cry about no updates and such it will discourage him into canceling or make the update longer. Im sure he is trying his best. Code writing is hard enough and doing the art. Just let him do his thing and Im sure yall will all be amazed at how amazing this VN is. 

Hey dude make your VN. I know these guys are itchy to get an update. Just you do you and make your story at your own pace. Ill continue to wait lol.

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No English version? 

WOW just WOW!!! I love it!!! Awesome read and I'm ready for the next build!!

this sucks.

NSFW by chance?

Hey saw your status update. I'm glad to see your still there and I hope you feel better too. glad to see your back my friend. :)

Any update soon?

I don't think there will be an update. There not even updating there patron page. I even sent a message to them and never got a response back form them. i sent that in October. I canceled my subscription to there page because why waist money if there not gonna say nothing. anyway I do hope they come back. 

I hope a update will be soon or an announcement. Most of these VNs they start never get finished or abandoned sadly. This VN is super good but for what I see I think is will be another abandoned VN sadly.

No I didn't mix you up lol. Im also a pateron of yours. I wish I can send you a picture so you can see what im talking about.

A role to play -32 Does not even open. the safe for work opens but the not safe for work does not open.

Take all the time you need till yall are comfortable.

ahh you have a pateron?


will there be an update soon?

Will there be an update soon?

will there be an update soon? It has been quiet awhile.

Will there be an update soon?


were you choose your character and clothes before you start the game. It has an option to hide the cloths but the underwear is still there. Wish there was an option to make him completely nude and all others in the game.

He will there be an option to hide the underwear or go completely nude in the game? Just curious lol. I love nudist games.

Het is there a version for windows for he new build?

No details?

I'm not sure....I hope its soon though. 


Um crazy question...Is there NSFW in your VN?^^ I know stupid question.....

Will there be an update soon?^^ 

I really like your VN.

No its not. its is just beginning. 

Any update on the next build? It has been 4 months lol.

Ahh ok.....sorry to be a pain.

Hey....when will the next update be?

This gam is really amazing and I am sad it will not be continued. Itcho should take down VNs that are discontinued that way people are not waiting for nothing on a VN that will never be updated.


Is there any update on the english version? It has been more than the 2 weeks. 

Hold on.....why make the english version after the game is finished? that could take a very long time. why not do it while you make the game? that way when its all done you would not have to go back and do it all over again and you'll have a lot more people supporting you if you need help.

I figured it out. I was not paying attention. sorry to worry you. 

Ahh crap....I had to start a new game. I couldn't continue from my save point.

Hey there is something wrong with the PC version. it will not run.

Will there be an English version soon? 

Ahh yeah I see that now. Thx for pointing it out.