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nice game. very good graphics and awesome game.i really enjoyed this game..good work 

You forgot this...

1) When i press Esc Button that time dialogue or story line ( vice ) not pause....

nice Game......

You game is nice good work.i like player animation and game graphics...

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Game is awesome and graphics .i realy like your game,silent and mind fresh game.

Improve stuff:

1) improve player  Controller 

2)When i Press only shift sprint sound coming.....

3)Camera controller improve

4)* Player Animation 

............I Really like this game good work :) 

This is one of the best game awesome work very good graphics nice i like this game

Nice Game I like Graphics And All Stuff Awesome Work Nice :)

Improve you Charector Controller And Character Animation Game Idei is awesome Good Graphics Awsome Work  :)...