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Thanks for playing and kind word <

THank you for playing <3, I hope you have a great time playing it.

Thank for the advice at the end and I'll take this as impotant note for myself as well for future project btw I'm not an english speaker but i recheck the grammer multiple time!

Hello! Sorry to hear that I'll find the bug and fix it as soon as possible Thank you for sharing this information <

Thank you so much for playing <3

thank you for playing and thanks again for the kind word

Apologize for the late reply, but as your question about getting access to the user camera was a little difficult, I managed to get this spent days, but that is what makes this different from others. btw, thanks for playing.

Well thank you so much for this information you would not believe but i recheck all the texts or question more then 7 time because of my and my brother grammer skills but I know that there might be some error but again thank you so much and i really appreciate it. <3

Thank you so much for your kind words glad you like it.

Love to see that btw thanks for the wishlist <

Thank you so much for playing.

Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed it 😄

Thank you so much I hope you had a great time playing 😍

sorry to hear that but Alone II the other part have this settings also it's free r

Level three is really hard for me i didn't pas out but here is some review.

1. the platform in level 3 which drop you down is actualy a great idea but I would love to see that the game notify me bofore platfome down like some kind of small light attected to platfom before going down it blink twise.

2. Plaese add 1 sec to the platfom delay so user have chance to decide.

3. as i said the level 3 is pretty hard please make the starting levels a little bit easy so the user/player will learn.

this is just my openoin also there ar alote of things that i really like it such as the starting story telling and a cute little spooky pixel art and the details of the level.

plus the music and sound effect and small details.

Thank you so much <3

Great game with beautiful stylize graphics love it.

Hi Zelve0, There might be a mistake we only did 3 Ending w Le will fix it soon!

#free :D

because it was a paid game but free for 10 days follow for more free game when i release new.

I'm really sorry for the Grammar but it's fixed now on v1.2

Email us at :

Gonna download it when I'm on my PC and will Edit this Reply:D

Thank you so much <3

I'm sorry to hear that because of my bad English.But now I've all the documents of sentences and we'll fix it in the new upcoming update v1.2.

Thank I'll fix it in the v1.2 Update :)

this bot is actually more intelligent. But I bet it!

Really love it:)

bro its really amazing specially the ending.

that was a really enjoyable experiance! and also the storyline is so amazing 10/10, but the spotlight-Man is gonna kill me he his so creepy.

One of the best horrible game I ever played. :)