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xD my bad!

Dude... this is next level! How is this not an in game option?!?
One thing I'd love to see is an icon that shows if I have a Bayonet on. You need to put it on again every time you put your gun away so a few time I've thought it was on and only found out when I went to use it. I know it says "Bayonet" but it would be great to see a little blue bayonet in the corner of the rifle icon if that's possible! :D
Again thank you so much this is such a game changer! :D <3

Ya the board game! :D

This looks great going to try it out tonight! :D
Have you thought of making the "tripod weapon compatible" the same as the "tripod tip" instead of the wrench?

Where can we order a print version!? :D

Awesome game thanks! :D
It's really cool to see that you used up so much of the possible tokens and had to use really short variables! 

Awesome little game! :D
Like a true soup nazi I sold my soup for $100 and paid my emploies $20! xD
Definitely one of my fave devs/artists check them out on twitter!

awesome thanks! :D

Weird and depressing take on life. To close for comfort. 5/5

Fun game!

Only issue is the first time I die it puts the mouse center screen. :s

So inspirational!
They type of game I hope to make for me and my friends one day soon! :D

Fun game that reminds me of playing Perfection as a kid! :D

not really sure what you expected from a free mash up time waster...

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Awesome little mash up! :D