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Pues muy poco tiempo hemos podido dedicarle, la verdad ... del bug de la pantalla final me di cuenta tarde. Gracias por jugar. Un abrazo, compañero.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback. Im sorry about the dash button problem I will implement it in my future games/updates.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree 100% with your opinions, I got the same perception about the bubbles ... I do not check the collisions, but the distances between sprites and I did not spend enough time trying other solutions. Thanks again for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback. It will be great to see you playing my game.

Pues tiene su punto adictivo.  Me parece un buen punto de inicio.

Sólo quiero dejar constancia de que ha sido una Jam genial, en un entorno ideal y con gente supermaja.

Thanks for the review. I am actually working in expand and improve this game. I dont have much time to work but I hope I will update It in twoo or three weeks.

I really love your games.

Really cool. 

A very nice platformer game. Simple, challenging and fun to play.

Thanks for playing. It has been very fun to see you playing.

But I feel like I have to apologize, LOL

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for playing.

Very nice game.

Thanks. The stage number is one of several details that i could not do because the lack of time.

I agree. I used a random function to order the answers, perhaps I would have to review my code. I wanted to make all the graphics in pixel art, but I realized too late that my pixel art skills wasn't good enought to do it. Thanks for the feedback.