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Unfortunately not really, there are a few things we have problems with right now, but we'll be sure to fix that, and also we want to add a bit of new content.

Wo können wir dir die schicken?

Klar, können wir gerne machen, wäre nur interessant zu wissen was dann damit passiert :D

Nein, das soll natürlich nicht so sein :D, fanden wir abe selber auch sehr amüsant. Ist einer dieser bugs bei denen ich nicht mal weiß, wie das überhaupt passieren kann. Werde es so bald wie möglich fixen. Danke auch für dein Feedback!

We're working on that! And also a lot of fixes. This was just a students project and we've worked on that for just about 3  months. Let's see what we can turn this into.

Thanks again, CoalFire. Again, very cool video. Plus "Translating Terror" should be the official subtitle of Agnes Doll. We're thinking about translating everything and fixing more bugs etc.

Awesome that you've played through it! Also a really good video, very good and entertaining. It wasn't really planned to be translated, since this is just a project for university (by 3 people, not just me), but I think we might aswell translate it anyway.