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so my game crashes and says theres a code error every time it gets to the yellow dinosaur thing in the first level, does anyone else experience that

So, I played this game, and I thought it had tons of potential! This was a really cool and unique game, but I have a few notes!

1) Movement... If you can make a way to press the up arrow and go forward in  the direction option that would be great.

2) Frame rate... Im not playing on the best computer, but maybe add a graphics option to try and make it run smoother

3) Game in general... Maybe if this game really becomes successful, you can try and add a story mode for it? 

This game is so unique and different, its so fun playing it! You can totally do some next level stuff that no other game has and this could possibly get really famous! Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing what you do with this!

Hey, so I defeated the giant flower in the forest park, and when I finally beat it (by lust, using that kissing spell), its portrait turned into one of the cat boys and Its ending choices was the same as the cat boys as well.