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Super cute! interesting puzzle gameplay!

This was so much fun, and the perfect difficulty level: hard enough to stump me for a while on some levels, but easy enough I didn't give up and look up the answer.

Can't wait!!

This game was a lot of fun! I loved the art style and theme. One thing: I feel that the cost to go to a higher floor is too high- its like 5,000 just to get to the 5th floor, even when it only takes a couple seconds to clear the first 5 rooms. Other than that, this game was perfect! Nice job :)

Really interesting game concept! I enjoyed playing this!

Hey! I loved this game, and I thought the references to Time is Solid Here were really cool! Would you be able to DM me the ending guides on Discord? My account is nerdyHellion#2914. Thank you so much!

This was so much fun to play! I'd love to see another game with similar mechanics!

Very fun! Nice job!

The use of AI art to make the character art was so cool!! very fitting

This was so cool!! I felt so bad hurting Mrs. Stretch though, she's so cute!

What does Bullet-Time mean??? I've found the "Bullet Time Barrel" and the description says "+1 Bullet-time" but I can't figure out what it doe

I got to 180 using the shotgun bullets, triple/quad barrels, blow-up trigger, inflatable stock, inflatable grip, and bullet canister/double smoker. I couldve gone indefinetely from there I think, but all the bullets started making the game lag and slow down and I eventually got hit lol

This game was so cool! I'd been looking at using ren'py for a while now but this game was the push I needed to finally go download it. A small detail I thought was really cool was that the standard dialog box changes to the messier eldritch shape when Talaiporia is summoned!

I loved the sulka reference! I was so excited to see that bird again!

This was such a faithful adaptation! It's hard to transfer junji ito's works to any medium other then art/manga, but you did it awesomely!

I loved this art style! Very fun game!!
The only suggestion I have would be to make the Healer stay back behind the front lines instead of running straight to enemies to get one shotted

I loved this game so much! It was both cute and creative!! And I really enjoyed the ability to create your own custom items; it adds a sense of replayability!


This was really cool! nice job!

I loved the slowmo!

This game is so cute!

This was a fun game with an interesting idea!

This was a really neat game idea! Nice job!

This is just a laptop, not a gaming computer, but here:
AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx     2.10 GHz
Installed RAM 8.00 GB (5.95 GB usable)
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

I played the new game and came back to play this one! I love it

This was a really fun game! nice job!

This was super cool, I loved how immersive it felt! 

I loved this! I really like the artstyle, and playing a game through the eyes of a child was an interesting and new mechanic! I also thought the answering system was really interesting, and helped to contribute to the feeling of being a scared kid with no idea how to talk to scary neighbors.

I think that's an issue on your end- I have had no trouble. Try adjusting your own mouse sensitivity

This is cool! 
I loved the way you animated the alternate, how its body warped and stretched!! I think that was really cool!!

This was really moving! Nice job :)

I thought this was really cool! I had some issues with game visibility due to the motion blur, but that is also partially because my computer wasn't handling it too well (i was getting a low framerate). Can't wait to play the full game!!

This was really funny, and I'd love to see a full game!!

That would be cool

I really liked this! I'm a huge fan of stop motion