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Really love the this demo and I hope it becomes a full game. Awesome mood and mystery vibes :)

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Very nice little game :) Love the music as well!

Absolutely loved the descriptions, puzzles and graphics. A really well made, fun game :)

That was a VERY cool game! I really liked everything about it. The descriptions, fair puzzles, humour, graphics and so on. I would love to see/pay for more games like this. Thank you!

Very fun game :) I really enjoy the games you make. They are just the right difficulty and length for a quick play. Looking forward to the next one!

Awesome little game! Got both good and bad endings as well as all the jokes lol.

Love it :) Really fun little game - but I can only get 60/100

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Love it :) Really nice little game! I would love to see more like this. I also really like the mood / outline graphics - it suits the game really well.

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Awesome remake :)

Thank you for the reply :)

I understand where you are coming from. It might be wiser to keep the use of a tool like this for small sprites, and for anything super large use tweens etc. Maybe a middle ground 256x256 would do. 

P. S. Any chance for a Mac version? 

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Hi thanks :) From your point of view, what's the biggest you should go?

This looks like an awesome tool, but as I'm planning to use it with HD games, the 128x128 limit is just way too small. Any chance this will be increased in the future?

Thank you!