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I found a glitch and this was the only place I could find to report the bug attached are screenshots of what happend. I was switching between crewmate and imposter always having imposter ability’s such as killing and sabataging but not venting. the other me also said and did things like another user.

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Id like to see melee weapons and ranged enemy's

The Level on Jam community · Created a new topic team?

scenes this jam has no punishment for working in teams, teams have the advantage so I am a game dev looking for a team it dosn't matter what you can do because there is no limit to team size.


then also improve the UI

the best advice I can give you rn is replace the very back one with a vibrant animation with a sun

If you want I can get you a really good background tutorial

I did this in like 2 second

oh give me a sec I think I can show you how

I mean you should make it spead up as time goes by using this script

public float SlowSpeed;

public float Speed

void Update(){

          Speed += Time.deltaTime*SlowSpeed;

         Time.timeScale = Speed;


also 345

yeah! its a fun game though the background could be better

I got 106!

yeah that would be great! do you want to chat on discord? if so here is my discord  Ninjabuilder#6927

I am looking for a designer/composer to team with for this game jam. I am an Intermediate level coder and have made several games I also do 2d art.

yeah I use unity every time XD

the limitation will be announced on discord and on itch.

yeah but scratch isn't exactly a good platform to use your probably not going to go very far with it

it's a great game but the camera sometimes messes with your cursur making the objects go crazy

this looks super cool could you please make it a 32 bit download?

32 bit plz

it is a very interesting game but i think that it is too much focused on spamming and covering more ground

I think that there should be ways to get more time.

and also magic and ranged weapons would be nice.

also i think there should be melee enemy's.


I used both keys at the same time to do opposite portions of the map

yes this is my first game jam and the due date came up faster than expected

also, it rotates the same way every time

I had no clue how to do the graphics

I got 172

I know I have been coding for quite a while around 7 years and this is my first game jam. Also great job on your game!

I just made the entire screen sheep

what do you mean? is there something I should do?