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Haha, thanks!  We would be happy with just one purchase and 9 mentions to your friends!  :)

Right now, no plans to use Xbox Avatars, but we'll look that it if/when we bring A World of Keflings to PC.

If I recall correctly, the reason was partly political and partly practical - releasing in Europe on the Wii-U (at the time) required a new contract with a different part of Nintendo, with new hoops to jump through.  I think we knew by then that the Wii-U release was not going to recoup what we had spent on it, so it didn't make sense to spend even more time/money for a smaller market to also flop in.  :(

Haha, woops!  I was signed in to the wrong account like a dork.  WhaleBunny and NinjaBee are not working together. 

I'm Steve, the lead designer of the Keflings games.  In my view, A World of Keflings is everything A Kingdom for Keflings was, and tons more, so it wouldn't add anything to include Kingdom as content in world.  But thanks for the suggestion!

Hi!  Thanks for the feedback.  We've been talking about bringing A World of Keflings back and putting it on Steam   We'll see!

Thank you!

I'm with you - it's annoying, and I wish we had included gamepad support.  Sorry about that!  If we do A World of Keflings on PC, we'll consider that more seriously.

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I'm sorry to say it's not supported in this version of the game.

Thanks!  We've got some cool ideas for a sequel...


We've looked into older builds we have, and we don't have a non-DRM build that works correctly.  Unfortunately, we don't currently have people available to make and test a new build of Clyde.  :(  Sorry about that.

Unfortunately, it looks like it does require Steam.  Running the Steam version of CC even directly from the exe launches Steam.

I definitely see your point of view.  I'm checking with John, the original developer of Clyde, to see about getting a non-DRM build - we're OK with it in principle, but we're looking for an existing build that's suitable for this.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll check into it.  Does the version on Steam not meet your needs?  One of our motivations for putting our other games on is that they're not available at all on Steam, and we just wanted to make them easier to get.