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Another awesome game that my pc can't even handle. Awesome.

Oh ,ok. I have to just spend 5 euro on steam (because accounts that haven't buyed anything on steam can't do anything) And then i'll support you on Steam Greenlight.

Hello there again, i want to ask you , JNI , will this game be on steam? And if it will be, will it be free to play? If not, how much will it cost?

Oh, that's a little b shite right here :/

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I want to ask you , dear creator, is there an option to pay with paysafecard on this site? (Not with the card, with the 16-pin coupon) , because i really want to support you :D

Will there be any prehistoric maps and some WWI and WWII stuff in the future?

This game is awesome! For beta 6, you should add a zombie mod!

Thank you! Could you do a feature where i can be as an elephant guy?

Awesome game! Every bug that i encountered has ben fixed + first person mode has been added! The only thing is, in siege mode i can sometimes randomly block myself and can't move... Would you look into that if you would have the time? :) Also, good thing that i can play as a catapult or a ballista guy :D

Awesome! I'm glad that you replied to me :) Can't wait for the first person mode :D

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This game is awesome! The only thing that bothers me is just poor optimalization, And the war elephants should have more health , because when i throw 1 pike the elephant is dead. But, as i said, this game is awesome! I also want to know if you would add a first person mode, so i could just look through the eyes of my own unit :)