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im so confused about the horse block thing it doesn't make sense

LMAO NOT THE ass clapping will alert the mannequins 

i pulled the lever and the mom said found you and then she killed me :(

is there a way to use the chainsaw?

i think i found a bug/glitch or whatever


where am i supposed to hide im confused

i think i found a glitch

it said someone was coming and then i died

hows it supposed to end?

nvm i got it

im still confused

super cute

lmao i love the catti uchis and the tyrant part

i like this, its a cute lil game

i love this so much, i wish it was finished tho :(

i really like this game but the dialogue goes super slow 

omg i love this 

the art in this is so cute 

but what happened to her ??

why did she die??

i like the game but you should add the point and click tag

this game is so cute i loved it

thank you i got it

im sorry lol

im still not understanding what to do 

i've looked at the clues but i still can't figure it out

its not working

love it

this game is cute and i like the concept but its hard to put the ingredients into the cup

i got the red dye but idk what to do next

this game is so cute

i keep losing

Knight Night

this game is cute and kinda short, but its fun. It's set in medieval times. You have to figure things out. it's kinda like an escape game but without the escape part. I recommend you play it if you love point n click games.

do you know when you're gonna release the 3rd chapter???

thats lowkey a good idea omg 

this is a cute lil game i liked it

i was surprised that i didn't flinch from the ending lol

but i did get scared when santy was watching me

cute lil game

could you possibly make this game in English?

cool game

how do you distract the bird