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Ninguna Parte

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Although it is an extremely ephemeral experience, we have fallen in love with its visual style. One that has allowed us to be part of the vignettes of a comic that seems to be taken from the mind of Junji Ito and that generates discomfort as we reach the end of this nightmare. 

Good job ^^

We have been very pleased with the experience in question. An experience whose atmosphere is degenerating into a real descent into hell.

Yes, the similarities with P.T. do not go unnoticed. Although, they are very well carried out, making Never Apart not lacking in personality.

We will be waiting for future titles.

Although it's still early to make a verdict, given its demo nature, this The abyss has enough ideas to come up with something interesting. Especially if we set our sights on that atmosphere that drinks from Silent Hill, one of our favourite sagas.

We look forward to new content that will broaden and enrich the experience we are dealing with.

Greetings and good work.


Junto a la demo de The Anima Island, Coffee Time es la combinación perfecta para dejarnos con ganas de más. Sirve para empezar a conocer los gustos de los personajes, y esa atmósfera tan relajante ayuda a que la relación entre ellos sea muy cercana.

Como siempre, el arte nos invita a querer tomar café en esa cafetería mientras descansamos de la visita turística por la isla.

Esperamos el próximo especial de The Anima Island, ¡mucho ánimo!


La demo es una muy buena introducción a lo que podremos encontrar en la misteriosa isla. Esperaremos pacientemente para poder seguir la retransmisión y poder conocer a Kangium.

El arte es sensacional, y los personajes ya dejan entrever su personalidad, ¡no podemos pedir más!

Estaremos al tanto del proyecto, ¡mucho ánimo!

Greetings from Spain

This first part of Paramedium is a successful mix between visual novel and horror game.

We also like that you take some effort in establishing a universe with the guild as well as little brushstrokes on the past of your characters. We will try to recall and share as soon as possible the second part, much more ambitious and with some interesting moments.

Do you have in mind to develop new parts?

Greetings and good work

Another proof that Konami shouldn't have abandoned the original project.

What's important is that you did a great job, especially if we pay attention to the visual features. Very original, since it's not often seen in other games.

We'd love to see more of your work, since you have so much talent to offer.

Congratulations ^^

Good job.

The first thing that surprises you is the terrifying atmosphere that the game offers. That and some nice sound effects that help the immersion. You feel like you're lost in the middle of the forest.

I hope the project can evolve with new additions, because the base is very promising.

Keep it up!


We love the work you've done.

Considering that the development has been very fast, it is admirable that the production values are so well achieved.

In fact, there is nothing we would like more than to see a longer and more interactive project with these audiovisual features, because it has a lot of personality. Especially now that samurai games are back in fashion.

We hope to see more titles like this one. ¡Good work!