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"As far as I'm aware, the only thing in GMLive that can cause IDE lag is if your code is constantly throwing up errors and they are piling up in Output tab until they eventually "clog" it due to there being too many lines."

If I recall correctly this was the issue. The extension would try to connect to the server but it would keep failing and throwing errors.

Hi I come from a background of C++, C, and GML. Where/how can I learn Haxe? Thanks!

When I try to run the gmlive-server.exe a window pops up but it quickly (almost instantly) closes. Why is this? Could it be my antivirus? (I'm using McAfee)

Thanks! 😊

Hey I forgot what I needed to do to disable gmlive to get ready for Production. Can you please remind me?

I've been getting extreme lag in the IDE, makes unusable. In my efforts to try and get rid of the lag I stopped running GMlive and the lag disappeared. I need to be able to use GMlive though. Why is it making my IDE lag so bad?