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Marina Díez

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Great game! Thank you so much for sharing it. 


Thank you so much for playing!!!!!!!!! 

Thank you so much for playing, John <3

Thank you so much for playing and comment, Em. <3

This game is amazing. I had a really good time playing it. Congratulations to the team and especially to the narrative designer for such an interesting story!!!

Thank you so much <3 

Awwww thank you so much!!!!!!! I love your art style too! <3 

Thank you Jupi <3 

Thank youuuuuuuu! I thought this was one of my shabbiest games but people seems to like it a lot! <3 thanks for playing, dear! 

Awwww thank you so much! I'd want to still exploring the fable thing in the future! <3 thanks for playing!!! 

Thank you <3 



We can play it online if you want! <3 

This is awesome!!!! 

Thank you so much for sharing!!! 

Thank you! I'll have a look of it. 

This is so cute!!!!!!!! <3 

Thank you so much!!!! 

Hello, guys! 

I published my last Bitsy game on a few hours ago. Please, feel free to give me some feedback and your feelings playing it. 

The game is a little fable about the story of a forest and its wild inhabitants. 

Thank you!

This is so sweet <3 


Thank you very much for your words! <3 

Yeah, there are *secret* paths. :3

Yeah, I agree with you! Thank you very much <3 

Gracias, bonita <3 

Thank you very much <3

Thank you very much!!!!! <3

I love this manifesto <3 thank you for sharing! 

This game is so beautiful <3 

This game is fantastic!!!!!!!! <3 

This game is so beautiful. <3 I loved to discover the surroundings of this colourful world and talk with sheeps, skeletons and flowers. 

WOW! Thank you very much!!!! I feel super super grateful because of your kind words & your gameplay. <3 I'm really happy . I don't know what to say, just that I'll keep making games with meaningful stories. Thank you very much!!!! <3 

Wow this is perfect & beautiful <3 

Thank you very much <3 

Thank you! <3 


thank you very much, Jupi!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Thank you for comment <3 it's sad :( 

This is amazing!!!!!!! <3 I love it so much!!!

Thank you very much!!! It would be wonderful to have more time to explain more characteristics. I hope to update it soon :)