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Marina Díez

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thank you very much, Jupi!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Thank you for comment <3 it's sad :( 

This is amazing!!!!!!! <3 I love it so much!!!

Thank you very much!!! It would be wonderful to have more time to explain more characteristics. I hope to update it soon :) 

Yay! Loved it! This game remembered me when I was living with my best friend :) that conversations about "everything & nothing" at the same time. 

I  love your game so much!!!!!! The music & the colours are fantastic. <3 

Awww thank you <3 haha 


Wow!!!! I've been impressed by the graphics! They are amazing! 

It's amazing!!!! <3 

Yay!!!! Thank you very much, lovely!!!!!! <3 

Ahhhh thank you very much for comment & play! <3 

Yay! Love to hear this!!! Thx for playing onion!!!! <3 

Thank you!!!!! <3 

Soooo cute!!!! <3 

I love it too! I need to make a bitsy-series about autumn haha thank you for playing, lovely onion! <3 

Yay! I'm happy happy happy to read this <3 thank you for playing! 

Really, really cool Sean!!!!! I have a fantastic time playing the game! 

Wow!!!!!! It's amazing!!!!!! Love it! 

Wow! The map is soooo big! I loved the frog, it's so cute! <3 

hahaha I loved it! the palette is really beautiful! 

Omg! I loved this game so much <3 Thank you!!!!! 

Thank you!!!!!!! <3

Thank you very much! <3 

Just played your game. It's beautiful & wonderful & & & <3 thank you for this game!!!