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I've done that, but it doesn't work.

I think something might be wrong with my game, Fawn never comes to the condos anymore. She's only in the Torture Rack, so i can't access any of the scenes in the condos. Is this meant to happen, and if so how do i get her to the condos?

Yeah so the first level broke and i literally could not get caught by any enemy

I say the first level because i wasn't able to leave, the portal didnt work either

Nevermind, i figured it out

When showering, i got an event where i found a spell etched on the shower walls. I failed the Charms check, and the game said to come back later. Is it possible to actually come back? Do i have to wait for the event to happen again, or can i just not get it again?

Nevermind, i got it to work

I'm on Android btw, I'm using the 7arm download

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I can't start the game. All i get is a black screen with a logo, and the screen never changes to the main menu.

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That seems kind of strange. But, eh, thanks for helping.

Edit: I can not understand this virtual controller, so I'm just going to not. 

Clan N community · Created a new topic Can't open game

I tells me to press A on an xbox controller. I don't own one though, so can i just not  play the game?

Aww man. Btw, i tried the fixed version and the original on newgrounds and and neither worked.

Karma indeed.

Hey, uh, quick question. I've finished almost all storylines. For literally every character except one, it says i cannot level them any more. However, for Iris (Girl in icecream stand at morning), it only says there's no hint for now, which it said for the other side characters before i was able to level them. Is there something i can do with her???

Hey, i know that acronym style which spells a bodypart often used in sexual acts... Hmmm.

I can't download the new android version, says there's a conflict with a package or something with the same name.

okay, but what is the difference? Also, is there no F version for android?

Wait, the android version costs money, but the other versions don't?

Wait, the site says the game can be played on android, but there are only hotfixes for android? Is this intentional?