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Congratulations on the Steam release! Hopefully more people will catch wind of this absolute gem of an RPG. I came across it by chance, and was so impressed by the original demo that I simply had to make an account to buy it and support you! 

This was a pleasant surprise! Although the mobile version is far superior, it works nearly as well on PC! The only issues are with the store (which works perfectly on mobile.) It's super cute and a nice time-waster. The dev has got some real talent!

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What a neat little game you guys have made! I enjoyed playing it, despite some minor issues. I got to the blue ECommerce tree around the end of Year 3, albeit using an exploit I discovered early on (It saved a lot of time. If you want, I can describe exactly how to perform it.) Along the way, I found some typos and similar errors.

The descriptions of the 2nd tiers of training are still placeholders, lorem ipsum etc., and there is no description for the research required to access the ECommerce tree, as it says "$not yet." Didn't stop me from doing the first feature from it though, because as soon as it finished, a notification popped up stating that by having most of the market share, that marks the end of the demo even though it kept running after closing the window.

I really don't like how employees can randomly quit your company after spending tons of time and money on them. Happened twice in one run. I think it ought to be rebalanced, or possibly disabled via some option.

When you get to the point where your team starts getting kidnapped on vacation, there is an issue where the name doesn't display correctly. One of my employees was out, and the popup window stated that someone who had recently quit, and had previosly been kidnapped, was kidnapped again. I can only assume that during this event, it only checks once for the name, and doesn't overwrite with the new employee's name afterwards. It's worth looking into, nonetheless.

I also thought that it was a bit odd how the shop was set up. You can only purchase one piece of furniture out of the "set?" I think that you ought to be able to either purchase all of them (give them unique advantages, swapping pieces out as you see fit) or make it tiered (more expensive, but the advantages stack.) Oh, and one of the posters wan't greyed out even though it isn't available in the demo (Hiasan Dinding.) I don't know if that's it's actual name, or if the game wasn't initially in English and it hasn't been entirely translated? Google tells me that it's Indonesian. I'd be surprised if that were the case, since everything seems to be structured quite well in English aside from the grammatical mistakes.

You also can't access the third/fourth offices in the demo even though some objects in the shop list "unlocked at (#)th office" as a prerequisite, yet don't have the "not available in demo" tag.

Long story short, your game is quite nice, but it does need to be tweaked and polished a fair amount. Feature trees could potentially be expanded on/more things could be added. Proofread all of the descriptions, hopefully tweak some gameplay mechanics, rebalance to make things easier, and keep an eye out for fan feedback! I look forward to the full release, but don't rush it. Keep up the good work, everyone~